Functional Health Consultant & Board Certified Physician Assistant

Meet Jill!

Jill is co-founder of New Self and is a passionate Functional Health Consultant

With over 22 years of experience as a Board Certified Physician Assistant Jill's passion to help others in becoming the best version of themselves through health is evident with all clients she works with.  Jill left her career as a PA to pursue what she felt most aligned with her passions, which was becoming a Functional Health and Wellness Consultant.  Jill is now able to continue her passion in helping others with healing by finding the root cause of illness.  Discovering the root cause creates the ability to educate clients on how to better advocate for their own heath to avoid future chronic disease.  The most exciting part for Jill, is that she has now expanded her ability to work and see clients on a global level vs. a local level.  Jill's goal for all clients is to get them excited about their health.  Show clients through results that they can create a different future when feeling their best, they can again be energetic, and they can again feel young and healthy.

This journey started after becoming sick myself...

and undergoing multiple doctor visits, labs, procedures and invasive tests which yielded little to no results.  I saw first hand how traditional medicine wasn't geared towards helping me and so many others in identifying the root issue of the problems I was facing.  The health issues I was experiencing were greatly impacting my ability as a provider to work, have energy to spend time with my kids and husband.  I felt as if my life was collapsing in on me.  

The traditional providers I was seeing seemed to be fixated on trying to diagnose what was happening, if they were able to, rather than a focus on the cause.  I felt nothing was done to help heal or even prevent but, to simply cover up the symptoms I was experiencing.  As I pursued alternative therapies, I was able to begin my path to health through functional medicine.

But then everything changed...

when I incorporated changes on my own. I quickly saw improvements with the acne, rosacea and hair loss I was experiencing.  Within 2 months of making changes to heal myself, my 5-year long battle with acne, rosacea and the hair loss was dramatically improved.

As this journey marched on, not only did I see changes with those challenges, I also started to see improvement in energy.  My consistent migraines decreased in both frequency and intensity.  Finally, I had also noticed less overall joint pain which gave me the ability to get back to working out and getting back to Yoga!

 Now I'm able to ...

get back to enjoying the things I love!!  I no longer feel as if I'm simply surviving day to day.  I feel that I have my life back.  I now have the energy to do the things I love with family, friends and for myself. My skin is clear, my migraines have subsided, my hair has regained what was lost and my energy levels are high!! It's scary to think where I might be today if I didn't make these changes.

I love how I feel today and I want to share with others who are struggling the lessons I have learned.  I want everyone struggling to know that things can change with a focussed approach on identifying the root issue and attacking that directly!!

Fun facts!


I love spending time in the summer months boating, cycling, and skiing in the winter


Yoga allows me to center myself and provides a great stress relief


My kids and I often help out at our local animal shelter with rescues as we love cats and dogs


I find great joy in curling up and getting lost in a good book and a steaming cup of tea.


Traveling with my family discovering new places and adventures creating lasting memories

It's Your Time to Thrive!