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When Diet And Exercise Isn't Enough


It's your time to Thrive Again!!  At New Self we take a comprehensive and personalized approach to address the underlying causes of health issues, including weight management. While Integrative medicine may include lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, and stress management, the inclusion of medications such as GLP-1/GIP receptor agonists for medical weight loss is possible in certain cases. Here's how functional medicine might incorporate GLP-1/GIP agonists for weight loss:


Comprehensive Assessment

New Self practitioners conduct a thorough evaluation of an individual's health, considering factors like genetics, environment, lifestyle, and overall well-being.

The assessment may include identifying hormonal imbalances, metabolic issues, and other factors contributing to weight gain.


Personalized Treatment Plans

New Self emphasizes personalized treatment plans tailored to the individual's unique needs and circumstances.

GLP-1/GIP medications, known for their effects on blood sugar regulation and appetite control, may be considered as part of a personalized treatment plan for weight loss.


Hormonal Balance

GLP-1/GIP agonists plays a role in regulating insulin and glucagon, impacting blood sugar levels and metabolism.

In cases where hormonal imbalances contribute to weight gain, addressing these imbalances, possibly with the use of GLP-1/GIP receptor agonists, may also play an integral role. 


Lifestyle Modifications

New Self typically includes lifestyle modifications such as dietary changes, exercise recommendations, and stress management strategies.

GLP-1/GIP agonist medications may complement these lifestyle modifications by helping to control appetite, sugar and junk food cravings in the support of weight loss efforts.


Monitoring and Adjustments

Here at New Self we will conduct regular monitoring of progress and make personalized adjustments to the treatment plan as needed.

If GLP-1/GIP agonist medications are the appropriate fit for you, monitoring is key to insure optimal and sustained long-term success.


More on the benefits of GLP-1 Agonists

 Blood Sugar Control:

Semaglutide/Tirzepatide helps regulate blood sugar levels by stimulating insulin release and affecting glucagon secretion. This is especially beneficial for individuals with type 2 diabetes.

Weight Loss:

One notable benefit of semaglutide/tirzepatide is its impact on weight. They have been studied and approved as a medication for weight management in individuals with or without diabetes.

Semaglutide/Tirzepatide can lead to significant weight loss by reducing appetite and promoting a feeling of fullness.

Cardiovascular Benefits:

Some GLP-1 receptor agonists, including semaglutide, have demonstrated cardiovascular benefits.

Studies have shown a reduction in major cardiovascular events in people with type 2 diabetes who use semaglutide.

Lowers Blood Pressure:

Semaglutide may contribute to a reduction in blood pressure, providing additional cardiovascular benefits.

Improved Beta-Cell Function:

GLP-1 receptor agonists like semaglutide can improve beta-cell function in the pancreas, helping to enhance insulin secretion and maintain glucose homeostasis.

Gastrointestinal Benefits:

Some individuals may experience improvements in gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating and indigestion.

Renal Protection:

There is evidence suggesting potential renal protective effects of semaglutide, which can be important for individuals with diabetes who are at risk of kidney complications.



"Working with Jill has been life changing for me.  After having 2 children my body changed and I gained quite a bit of weight.  My weight struggles brought on both anxiety and depression. I lost my 'happy go lucky' self.  I tried every diet, gym, and weight loss fad out there and nothing worked for me.  I would lose 10-15 lbs only to gain it right back.  During COVID I found myself gaining more and more weight as my daily routine was altered greatly.  I reached 240 lbs at my highest weight.  I felt terrible about myself, hated going out in public and was so unhappy.  After working with Jill my life has completely changed.  I have lost 50 lbs in 10 months.  I am starting to feel good about myself again and have so much more energy.  This decision has been life changing and I cannot thank Jill and New Self enough!!"


Medical Weight Loss Pricing

New Self takes a comprehensive and personalized approach to weight management which may include: addressing hormone imbalance, lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, stress management, and the use of medications such as GLP-1/GIP receptor agonists in certain cases. 


Medical Weight Loss for New Patient:

$1,250 (around $312/m)

4 month Semaglutide package includes:

  • 60-Minute Telehealth Consult with New-Self Provider to establish
  • 30-Minute Telehealth Consult with mental health specialist / mindset coach
  • Medications/supplies sent directly to your home
    • 3-4 month supply of Semaglutide (GLP-1)
    • 10 weeks supply of Ultra MIC Injections (A powerful combination of¬†Vit B12 and amino acids to boost metabolism, energy, liver function, and general health)
  • Free monthly check-in's
  • Direct access to New-Self Provider via email/text/patient portal (for wt. loss related issues, response within 48hrs.)
  • Fullscript discounting (20% on first order of supplements, 10% thereafter)¬†
  • Email for¬†Tirzepatide¬†pricing ([email protected])

Continued Weight Loss Management Plan:

  • $230 - $400 Per Month Depending on Dosing of Semaglutide / GLP-1
  • 30-Minute Follow up Appointment $200 (3 month or 6 month intervals based on need)
  • Repeat Labs¬†(6 month intervals - Pricing dependent upon labs ordered)


"For the first time in several years and numerous failed attempts with other weight loss products, I have hope.  I am able to accomplish more in a day as my mind is calm, balanced, and focussed on tasks that need to get done.  I am no longer finding myself in constant worry or riddled with anxiety.  I am now able to walk by sweets, coffee and alcohol without being tempted.  Jill is absolutely amazing!  She is prompt in responding, she walked me through what to expect and offered to FaceTime with me for my first injection.  I am so thankful I found her and New Self.  I believe this is the beginning of my New Self!"


Semaglutide: A Groundbreaking Medication

Discover the innovative impact of Semalutide (GLP-1 agonists) in weight loss and diabetes.  A game-changer in healthcare!

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