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Chronic disease is directly related to inflammation.  In fact 90% of all chronic disease states start from inflammation.  Common symptoms of Inflammation include headaches, stomach aching, nausea, joint pain, mood swings, brain fog and skin rash/irritations to name few.  Addressing inflammation early can stop common chronic disease states like Diabetes, Heart Disease, Dementia and Cancer from progressing.  We have developed a short inflammatory quiz for you to understand your current state of health and inflammation.

Importance of Sleep

Often, challenges with sleep are lumped together as a singular symptom and the reasoning can be varied.  Like Inflammation, lack of sleep also causes major health issues if not addressed.  Those health issues include; poor immune function, obesity, heart disease, diabetes and stroke.  Sleep is integral for both our body and brain as this is the time we repair and recover from our daily activities.  Help us target our recommendations to your unique needs by taking a moment to answer these key sleep questions.  

Men's Health Assessment 

Often, men may experience a sense of loss in concentration, forgetfulness, sleep disruption, loss of muscle mass, change in body composition, changes in mood, and decreased sexual desire.  Many men believe this is simply part of the aging process or, "I'm just getting old."  When in reality these symptoms are often markers to a bigger issue that is very treatable. Please take this short Men's Health Assessment to help you understand if the symptoms you are experiencing are related to a potential hormonal imbalance. 

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