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Specializing in Functional Health & Wellness


Jill Hietpas, PA-C, MPAS & Brian Thiry, FHC are co-founders of New Self, LLC.  A Functional Health & Wellness team who specialize in gut health for high achieving men and women that want to feel young and vibrant in all aspects of life.  

As experts in gut health we provide our clients with insight on:

  • An understanding of what it means to have poor gut health and recognize how poor gut health is tied to 80-90% of all health conditions
  • An understanding of the factors that are causing poor gut health
  • An understanding of what changes to make to appropriately heal your gut to optimize your personal and professional life

Our passion for this work runs deep.  We understand advocating for your own health can be challenging with limited support.  We both have suffered through our own health issues which have hindered our professional and family lives.  After years of failing with conventional medicine our individual health journeys led us both to Functional Medicine.  Our goals are simple, help others so they too do not go through the experiences we have, knowing you are in control and can make changes to get to a healthier happier place and Thrive again!!     


Meet Jill!

Jill is co-founder of New Self 

Jill has over 22 years of experience as a Board Certified Physician Assistant.  Jill's passion to help others began at an early age when her father fell severely ill when Jill was just 12 years old.  Jill and her mother nursed her father back to health; this care for her father ignited a passion to help others and is the core reasoning as to why Jill pursued a career as a Physician Assistant.  As Jill worked a very successful career as Physician Assistant working with an extremely respected Neurosurgeon and Neurosurgery private practice, she found herself struggling with symptoms that were greatly impacting her personal and professional life.  Jill pursued countless appointments with traditional providers to help her with addressing her significant loss of energy, hair loss, rosacea, and food sensitivities.  Each appointment led her to more and more medication to simply mask the symptom rather than treating the root issue.  After years of struggling, Jill decided to pursue Functional Medicine options  for answers.  What she both learned and discovered is Functional Medicine was the answer.  Within months of addressing the root cause she noticed significant impact to the issues she was experiencing.  Since that experience, Jill has pursued Functional Medicine as a career.   Jill's passion with helping others continues, however, her interests are to pursue the 'cause' as to why something is happening rather than treating the symptom related to the cause.  Jill believes that everyone should have the knowledge and power to so they can be an advocate for their own health.

A little more about Jill

Meet Brian!

Brian is co-founder of New Self 


Brian also has over 20 years of experience within the healthcare field.  He has held various roles working with a variety of Healthcare specialists which include Neurosurgeons, Urologists, OBGYN, ENT, & Pain Management providers.  Brian is a cancer survivor and is celebrating 21 years in remission.  His history with cancer drove him to the healthcare industry early on in his career and to discovering Functional Medicine.  Cancer treatments, whether chemotherapy or radiation, can have long-term health impacts.  During Brian's discovery of Functional Medicine he was able to identify healthy traits too healing, staying healthy and promoting cancer prevention.  Brian has pursued a certification in Functional Health & Wellness Counseling and is excited to work with clients to help each realize their best individual self.  Brian is passionate about family and has a unique way of connecting with those he works with, treating each as if they were his own family member.  Not only does he personally understand how health struggles can impact an individual but he also understands the impact it can have on a wife, husband, or child.  His wife, Jenny, struggled for over 7 years trying to discover what was wrong.  Functional Medicine helped her identify and treat her Hoshimoto and Celiac Disease.  Brian believe's everyday is a blessing from above and we should all be able to live each day to our fullest.    

So if you're tired of...

  • suffering with fatigue and low energy
  • not thinking clearly due to brain fog
  • constantly suffering from body aches and generalized body weakness 
  • tired of feeling terrible after eating any meal
  • Your skin being less vibrant showing signs of premature aging and acne

Then let's change that! 

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